Skrova seen from Svolvær city a view from the top of Skrova

Skrova is an island in the community of Vågan, south of the capital of Svolvær located in Lofoten.
Skrova is one of the last remaining genuine fishing villages in Norway, with around 200 inhabitants.
Here you will find a miniature community with a school, grocery shop with a post-office and bank, a restaurant and gallerys.
Skrova is also a location famous for photo- seminars with both local and foreign participants.
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Skrova is known for processing fish, whaling and salmon farming.

With the island's location being in Vestfjorden, it receives less rain than the rest of Lofoten
and makes it possible to enjoy the sun more.
In the summer you can walk the beautiful nature trails and in the winter you can ski on prepared ski slopes.
Many of the nature trails have tracks leading up to the highest point of the island,
which is 258 meters above sea level and has a fantastic view overlooking the other islands.

You can relax on white beaches and take a swim in the refreshing turquoise water.
There are many good fishing areas all around the island and it is possible to rent a boat for sea-fishing.
Some of the wildlife includes sea eagles which you will be able to see at your stay on Skrova.
Autumn and winter gives you the chance to experience wet and windy weather, polar nights,
northern lights and special sunlight when the sun returns from beneath the horizon around the 6th January.

With this, Skrova can provide an active and enjoyable experience along with being a peaceful and silent place.


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Sea eagel
Skrova harbour Skrova lighthouse
Remøy beach Walk on beautiful nature trails

Skrova harbour in January Skrova lighthouse
Winter light I Winter light II